Massage has become one of the most sought after and effective methods of relaxation. Although there are many types of massage that can contribute to a person's well-being, the relaxing has a precise purpose, ie to eliminate stress and to induce a well-being. Erotic relaxation massage does much more than that because the sensual touches of experienced masseuses offer extremely pleasant sensations that can not be described in words.
At Confidential you have the chance to try out a unique experience that you can experience intensely. Choose to eliminate any trace of inhibitions and be open to ideas more than interesting for your love life.
If you feel overwhelmed with responsibility and you are constantly stressed, it means you need a change. Within 60 minutes, the confidential parlor mazes will give you unforgettable moments, through sensual caresses and relaxing massage, in an erotic setting and a pleasant ambiance.
With a 12-year activity in the field of erotic massage, the Confidential parlor offers you a careful selection of the most attractive and challenging masseuses. Sexy and graceful, they offer you the latest massage techniques, being able to give you moments of ecstasy in a seductive and sensual ritual.
Because stimulation and removal of muscle tension is highly dependent on touch, the girls of the Confidential parlor ensure that they follow a certain route so that relaxation can be felt in every part of the body. To achieve this, special oils and creams are used, which will completely relax you and give you the feeling of comfort.
The massage relies on the effect that a sensual relaxation and mutual satisfaction session can have. We will enumerate below 5 advantages that you can have:
- It eliminates the monotony and boredom of the intimate life;
- You can see everything as an opportunity through which you can stimulate your imagination, and the result will be a considerable improvement of the love relationship;
- Couple massage will benefit from sensual touch from an experienced masseuse. You have the freedom to choose the massage to be done in any room you desire;
- Massage requires a brief relaxation ritual for both partners, who will then enjoy exciting touches throughout the body;
- Sensation and pleasure are amplified even by the location itself, for it is dominated by an exotic, mysterious ambience.

The Confidential parlor  provides you with professional masseuses to support you in the desire to have a spicy amorous life.